This Went Viral|Have You Seen This?

Odin Eating Like a Person

Odin is a German Shepherd who eats like a person. om nom nom nom nom nom

An ingenious couch moving technique

Have you ever had difficulty moving a couch out of an apartment, or down a flight of stairs that wasn’t on the first floor? This wife captures what she expects to be an immediate failed attempt to move their couch, but her ingenious husband figures it out.

English Bulldog sees a biker wave at her, so she waves back

While out for a motorcycle ride with her owner Christine Sutton, Sweets the English Bulldog sees a fellow biker wave at her so she naturally waves back. Since she regularly rides with her best buddy, Sweets has her very own set of adorable goggles.

Dog stays outside because he thinks the door is closed

Have you ever been so convinced of something that you just refuse to accept any other explanation? This dog thinks the patio door is closed and won’t even entertain the idea of crossing the invisible barrier. Not even a yummy treat can convince this pup.

Mini quadcopters race through an advanced course

During an FPV quadcopter meetup in Devon, England, three pilots challenge each other to a race around an advanced course set up in a field. Using their quadcopter’s camera as an eye, each pilot takes a crack at finishing the course in the fastest time.