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One-Third of Texas Was Running on Wind Power This Week


On Wednesday, March 27th, the largest state in the contiguous United States got almost one-third of its electricity by harnessing the wind. According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the bulk of the Lone Star State’s power grid, a record-breaking 10,296 MW of electricity was whipped up by wind turbines. That’s enough to provide 29 percent of the state’s power, and to keep the lights on in over 5 million homes.

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Homeless Mother Gets Job Interview But Doesn’t Have Childcare, Ends Up In Jail


Shanesha Taylor, a woman from Scottsdale, Arizona, is homeless. So when she got asked to come in for a job interview last Thursday, she must have been excited by the prospect. But when you’re homeless, there isn’t always an easy way to take an hour off from watching your kids to be at an interview. That’s how Taylor, 35, wound up losing her children to Child Protective Service — and losing out on the potential job.

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Neurosurgeons successfully replace woman’s skull with a 3D printed one

3D printed skull implantUMC Utrecht

3D printed skull implantUMC Utrecht

A 22-year-old woman from the Netherlands who suffers from a chronic bone disorder — which has increased the thickness of her skull from 1.5cm to 5cm, causing reduced eyesight and severe headaches — has had the top section of her skull removed and replaced with a 3D printed implant.

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A 40 year old woman, born deaf, hears for the first time

  • Joanne Milne suffers the rare condition Usher Syndrome
  • It left her deaf since birth and in her mid-20s it claimed her sight
  • Last month the 40-year-old underwent a life-changing operation to have cochlear implants fitted
  • She waited anxiously for four weeks before they could be switched on
  • Overcome with emotion, fighting back the tears and gasping for breath, Ms Milne breaks down as her doctor recites the days of the week
  • She said the switch on had been the ‘most emotional and overwhelming’ experience of her life

AT&T Mobility CEO says Netflix should pay a traffic tax, not customers

AT&T pulled in a staggering $128.8 billion in revenue in 2013. The company’s operating income for the full year totaled more than $30 billion. According to the company’s mobile boss, however, the extra capacity needed to deliver popular services over the Internet to its customers is an expense AT&T should not have to bear.

While speaking at the Rutberg Global Summit in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this week,AT&T Mobility chief Ralph de la Vega suggested that picking up the tab for the additional cost of streaming Netflix videos to AT&T subscribers is not an option. The only two viable options, it seems, are for “everyone” to pay or for Netflix to pay.

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