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Fast weigh loss can be faked so easily! This was done in half an hour

For everyone out there like myself who is getting anxious about bathing suit season: remember that the ads you see on Facebook for "fast weigh loss" can be faked so easily! This was done in half an hour using a different bathing suit and some strategicall

In the first picture the bathing suit does not fit me well and is a heinous colour. See how the darker, more supportive bathing suit is instantly slimming. Also notice the long hair down one side in the “after” picture. That plus the smiling face makes a huge difference. In addition to standing with better posture, I’ve added some bronzer and oil to contour the natural curves of my body (+ some abs). Flexing my legs and turning them out fakes a “thigh gap”. And finally, notice the different scale of the two pictures. You can almost see my feet in the “after” picture – and did you notice that I’m wearing nude heels? If this can be done in 30 minutes with only products in my bathroom, imagine what a team and some photoshop can do! It’s healthy to set goals for yourself and to want to get fit – but you can’t get REAL results in as fast as these ads claim.

Awesome Dr Pepper sign found

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My buddy just posted this “selfie.” It’s pretty neat.

My buddy just posted this "selfie." It's pretty neat.

April Fools Idea Gallery

Taco Bell sent my friend a cell phone to text/call him and let him know when he can go buy breakfast when they start serving.

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